Waterlab (Pty) Ltd was established in 1983 as a service company specialising in analytical chemistry, providing services in the various disciplines of water, being potable water supply, sewage treatment, industrial effluents, acid mine drainage or underground water. With the arrival of legislation governing environmental impacts by industry, mining and other activities, the range of services supplied by Waterlab were expanded to include the following:


Full chemical and microbiological analyses of potable- and underground water, treated sewage industrial- and mining effluents.


Liquid extraction (Acid Rain, TCLP, etc) of soil materials, solid industrial- and mining waste and waste site materials and analyses of extracts to determine potential risk.


Geochemical analyses of rock materials and tailings (waste rock) from mining operations. Analyses include Acid Base Accounting, XRD, XRF,ICP (metals), Humidity Cells, etc.

Our Team

The personnel and directors of Waterlab (Pty) Ltd resort from a wide range of technical specialities which include Analytical Chemistry, Geochemistry, Biological Sciences, Water-, Civil- and Chemical Engineering, Finance and Administration.


Waterlab has over many years developed a range of analytical and technical specialty services which have many applications in industry, mining, human- and animal health and the terrestrial and aquatic environment.